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MLS Minerals

MLS mineral tubs devotes all research to vitamin and mineral supplementation.  No salt and baked hard to last longer.  Livestock on our mineral program top the sales all over Northeast Missouri.

One Piece Bale Ring

Our one piece solid weld bale ring is literally famous.  No broken bolts ever again.  Made of heavy 14 gauge steel.  You will not find a better ring on the market.  

Continuous Fence

Our panels are staggered and are taller than most panels on the market.  Heavy made.  We are nearing out 10,000th panel sold!

Sexton Brother Dog Food

We are North Missouri, southern Iowa, and western Illinois distributor of Sexton Brothers dog food.  Kennels across the nation love the meat based 24/18 blend.  Less clean up.  Healthier litters.  Contact us today!


We feel like fencing is hard work.  Therefore, we only stock the best.  6.5' 1.33 weight posts.  Not 1.25 weight post like at the chain stores.  Red Brand 4 point Ruthless wire is the only way to go.  For specialty orders of woven wire simply call.


We sell 100's of gates each year.  We normally stock from 4'-20' in both light duty and heavy duty.  Our heavy duty gates are galvanized and will outlast the competition.  Priced below chain stores.

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We stock all types of livestock feed.  All of our feed is in 50 lbs bags!  We are almost always cheaper than the chain stores.


Although the store has evolved more and more into a farm store, we still stock a lot of antiques.  Inventory changes constantly.  Wade is diverse.  You will find anything from ancient Indian artifacts to beautiful glassware.


We have barrels.  Lots of them.  Food Grade.  Tops in or out.  We occasionally have 275 gallon IBC totes as well.